What to do in an Interview

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“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” –Arthur Ashe

An interview is a discussion between you and an employer to find out if you can do the job. It’s your chance to make a good impression. However, there are certain rules you should follow in interviews.

32. What to do in an Interview

Do: Make eye contact

This is the best way to show you’re actually paying attention
engaging with the situation. Of course this doesn’t mean stare blankly at your interviewer, but strive to hold
eye contact for a few seconds at a time. If you are faced with more than one interviewer then make eye contact with everybody. Address the person who asked the question, then hold eye contact with the other interviewer for a few seconds, before returning your attention to the first interviewer.

Do: Use your hands

Touching your fingertips together suggests authority but, as with all things, use it in moderation.

Keeping your palms facing up is a sign of openness and honesty, so keep them in your lap. Try not to clench your fists or wave your hands around to make a point, it will make you seem nervous and unpredictable. And please don’t bite your nails. You’ll look nervous and it’s really distracting!

Do: Smile

Smile and nod where appropriate, and laugh when the interviewer does. You want to show you have a personality and you’re paying attention to what’s being said. It goes without saying that you should listen attentively and try not to interrupt. Focus on keeping your tone of voice even and polite. Too soft and you’ll look timid, too loud and you’ll see domineering.  

DO: Arrive early

Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early. Late arrival for a job interview is never excused. If you are running late, do phone the company.

Pooja Vyaas
( International Trainer, Motivator & Coach
Edexcel Level – 4 Btec Professional Award ( UK)
ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence (UK) )

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