Mr. Vinit Rakeshbhai Mehta (Speaking English)

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: Diamond
Name of Organization: Vinit Gems

Hello Friends, My only reason to join Star Personality Development was to improve English and my occupation needed this language, to communicate with buyers, who belong to foreign countries. As they don’t know our mother language (Hindi), I needed to learn a globally accepted language which is English. When I shared this decision with one of my friend, he suggested me to join Star Personality Development. Since I have joined Star Personality Development I have improved my grammar which helps me while communicating with others. Faculty of Star Personality Development is very helpful and friendly. Star’s cyclic method is excellent which allows me to join in between and I also completed whole cycle by attending regular lectures. I thank Star Personality Development to boost up my confidence to converse easily with my foreign deligates.Thank you!!!