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Mr.Pranav Bhupendra Shah (Self Development)

Hello friends, I am Pranav Shah. I joined Star Personality development to attain Self Confidence and to improve my Communication skills as I was not able to communicate well in public. Also, I had a lot of stage fear in...
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Mr. Sanjiv Thakor Naik (Self Development)

“To help humankind is to help god” Following this proverb the founder of Lions Club International , Mr Melvin Jones , a man who helped people all around the world through this organization. It was founded in 1917 and so...
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Miss Bhumika Kedarnath Maheshwari ( Self Development)

After joining star development I have found a lot of changes in myself. I would still like to remove stage fear from me. My confidence level has increased. Many have noticed the changes in my personality and have told me...
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Miss Rutvika Jivraj Sonani (Self Development and Speaking English)

Hello friends!! Im Rutvika Sonani, a student in interior fashion designing from I.N.I.D College, Surat. I had to develop my personality, my speech, my attitude and I also wanted to learn basic etiquette. And then someone suggested me that why...
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Mr. Aditya Raju Dodhiya (Self Development and Speaking English)

Hi! I’m Aditya Dodhiya. Now at the moment I’m going for my further studies to London at London South Bank University. My hobby is to play football and I’m a national level player in it. Since childhood it’s been my...
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Mr. Rajdeep Pravinbhai Rathod (Speaking English)

I am Rajdeep Rathod studying Automobile engineering. In future I have planned to go abroad for further studies but I was very nervous about studying in abroad because of language barrier. I was not able to speak in English before...
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Mr. Harnish Brijesh Patel (Speaking English)

I was very weak in communicating with people in English. So I joined Star Personality Development before few months and now I could see the changes in my way of communication. Now I am able to speak and understand English...
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Mr. Tushar Ashokbhai Kachadiya (Self Development and Speaking English)

I am Tushar Kachadiya. I am 18 years old, studying in Ambala College. Before some time I was very weak in speaking English. So, my uncle suggested me to join Star personality. Before joining star I was not able to...
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Miss Poonam Prakashji Jain (Speaking English)

Hello friends, I am a student of Star Personality Development. When I joined Star Personality Development I was not even able to understand English. But in a very short period of time I gained a good knowledge of speaking and...
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