Selfie-Pros and cons


A selfie refers to a self portrait taken by a photographer with a Smartphone or a digital camera held at the end of the selfie stick. In a world looking for novelty and thirsty for new gadgets and gizmos, the selfie stick became very useful for Smartphone manufacturers to carry their marketing pitch to a newer level. The word ‘selfie’, which essentially was an internet slang word, has now entered even the Oxford dictionary. Let’s have a look on some of the pros and cons of selfies:48. Selfie-Pros and cons

  • Selfies Are A Confidence Booster!

What better way to feel good than posting a picture of yourself looking your prime? Selfies have a way of making us feel great about ourselves! And with all of the negativity in this world, what is wrong with that?

  • Selfies Capture Memorable Moments

As time goes on we get so caught up in what’s going on in the present that memories from the past slowly fade. However, that doesn’t apply to all you daredevils who took selfies while skydiving or from those skyscraping, cloud touching, buildings because who in their right mind could forget something so terrifying! Anyways, selfies are a great way to preserve our most memorable experiences, and even the most simple, yet cherished experiences.

  • Mental Sickness

Taking selfies during work or during a sad occasion is the indicator of mental sickness. Some people take too many selfies. This is another indicator of the same. Make sure, selfies are not harming you and anyone else. Otherwise, you should stop taking selfies.

  • Change Of Face Size

The size of one’s face changes a little while taking selfies. This is due to the fact that the selfies are taken from a near distance. So, the face may appear much larger than the actual size in the selfie.

  • Partial Capturing

If you want to take a whole-body photograph, you can’t do it by selfie. Selfies are only applicable for capturing the upper portion of your body. If you want to take a whole-body selfie, you might need a stand!

  • Difficult For Large Group

Large groups are difficult to capture in a selfie. The rest of the people will appear much smaller than the selfie owner. Some of them may go outside the frame. So, it is another disadvantage of taking selfies.

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