Miss Saloni Subhash Tawari (Self Development)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.B.M.
School/College Name: Bhagvan Mahavir College of Management

If I compare my self from my present personality than the one I was before joining Star Personality Development, I can say I have improved far better than what I was. Before, I used to fear from taking leadership and couldn’t express my point of view or suggestions. But now I am always ready to take leadership and I can present myself in front of others with confidence. I am pursuing BBM, I have to face presentations in every subject, and I am easily doing them with my unique ideas & suggestion in front of all without any fear. Joining Star Personality Development has become a golden turning point of my life. I want to thank Pooja ma’am for guiding and supporting me to learn how to represent myself in public. A big thanks to the whole team of Star Personality Development.