It happens all the time. You think about doing something but you just never get started. You tell yourself this time you are going to get it done. This time you will succeed. But before you get started you come up with all kinds of reasons and excuses to put things off. You accept the excuses you come up with. Excuses like: I will start tomorrow.

I need to wait for everything to be perfect and etc.6

They are all excuses that you have accepted. And you have plant
ed these excuses on your subconscious mind. So you keep putting things off. Eventually you convince yourself that you can’t start now. That you need to wait and that you have to put things off. You tell yourself you are not ready. You will start tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. You don’t get started. Another year goes by and you keep putting things off.

You have planted a habit of procrastination on your subconscious mind. And now your subconscious keeps following that habit. So you keep putting things off. But you can change that. Now you can put an end to procrastination. Now you can get things done. Now you can get more done in less time. Just feed your subconscious new thoughts and new beliefs which lead to more success, so that you can get things done quickly and easily and so that you can put an end to procrastination once and for all.

Procrastination destroys your life. It prevents you from achieving what you want. It stops you from having more. It blocks you from reaching your full potential. The more you procrastinate the worse your life gets. When you keep putting things off you never succeed. Example, each January millions of people embark on a journey to get fit, be active and lose weight. For the first two or three weeks of the New Year people who are not accustomed to getting up early will roll out of bed with a new found sense of urgency and hopefully a little more preparation in their step to get them out of the door. You will be lucky if you can find an available treadmill or stationary bike at any fitness facility. The sad part of this is the fact that their numbers will start to dwindle as they lose the motivation to keep the routine going.

Here are some of the TOP ways to Crush Procrastination:

Start Easy
Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest part – the first day of the gym, signing up to a dance class. If you can get over that initial hump you’ll not only have some degree of momentum, but your brain is more likely to pester you to keep working on the task.

Set Deadlines
Deadlines bring out the best in us, it’s just a fact! Sometimes procrastination is less about intentional thing and more about memory failures. In the avalanche of work that came your way when a colleague went on leave, you completely forgot the marathon training you wanted to begin. It doesn’t matter how far or close the deadline is; writing it down, putting a deadline makes it a tangible goal.

Break it Down
Big tasks can be terrifying, so we put them off. By taking that huge task and breaking it down into its first few concrete steps, you can reduce your fear and help yourself get started. So instead of thinking, I have to climb mount Everest think, I have to go on an uphill run this weekend. The former is scary, the latter is doable. Keep giving yourself these doable challenges and before you know it, you will be close to your dream.

Get a Good WHY
It’s easier to get yourself to do something you value. Common sense, right? If you’re struggling to get something done, why not spend a few minutes thinking more deeply about exactly why you want to do it. What is bigger/ more intrinsic purpose?

Be nice to yourself
You might think that to beat procrastination you need to be strict with yourself. But being too harsh on yourself never works. Show yourself some compassion for your previous slacking rather than beating yourself up about it. Reward yourself time and again. Didn’t you know, cheating is allowed.


Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.

Piyush Vyaas
( International Trainer, Motivator & Coach
Edexcel Level – 4 Btec Professional Award ( UK)
ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence (UK) )

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