Sangita Jain

Mrs. Sangeeta Mukesh Jain ( Self Development )

Current Status: Housewife

I wanted to improve my Personality. So I undertook this course. Once I attended a seminar of Piyush Sir and got very impressed by him so I decided to join Star. After completing this course I realized that in spite of having so much ability we don’t use it in a proper way. I learnt a lot from Star Personality i.e. how to communicate, different types of attitude and also public speaking and also learnt how to improve yourself. Here Piyush Sir‘s training method is fantastic. He teaches in a very friendly way. The practical output which he takes of the topic is superb, it gives lots of confidence. Sir gives us so much practical input that if we use 10% of it in our life then we will achieve a lot in our life. Star’s faculty also motivates us a lot from time to time .Star actually tries to make us a Star in our life. Thank you Star.