Mr. Vipul Gokul Agarwal (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: Textile
Name of Organization: Divya Textile

I have joined both the courses of Star Personality Development that is Speaking English & Personality development for my total transformation. I got to learn lots of new things in personality development from which I was unaware till now. I learnt how to come out of barriers like laziness and anger, which helped me a lot in maintaining my contacts with others. Now I do all my work on time and my self confidence have boosted to a level that now I can talk with people around me very confidently and can express my views in front of audience without any fear. I can also converse with people around me in English fluently, using variations in my vocabulary, which impress the people around me. Star has really changed my life and the credit goes to Piyush Sir & faculty as well as all the members of Star. I am thankful to all of u for bringing out the positive changes in me which enabled me to know my own inner qualities. I have also increased my confidence level, learnt to prepare presentation as well as some leadership qualities and skills, to know when and where to speak according to the situation. I am really very proud to be a student of Star Personality Development.