Sushil Pawar

Mr. Sushil Hiraman Pawar (Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.Tech
School/College Name: Uka Tarsadiya University Maliba-Bardoli

Hello! Friends Myself Sushil Pawar. I am B. Tech Final year student from Maliba College, Bardoli.
I have many problems in English but I can’t present in front of other people. So, my friend suggested me to joining Star Personality Development.
When I joined Star Personality Development I was amazed. I like teaching technique, teaching material. In my course my favorite topic is tenses because without tenses we cannot make proper sentences as well teaching method cleared all my grammar mistakes and also I like Conversation batch organized by STAR to overcome Stage Fear. I thank Star from the bottom of my heart for solving my problems specially Pooja madam and Piyush sir.