Mr. Sourav Satyanarayan Agarwal (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: Digital Marketing
Name of Organization: iactive Services

I have taken both the courses of STAR that is Personality Development & Speaking English. Both of these courses have helped me in developing my communicating skills of how and where to speak as well as speaking effectively in English where needed. I had a dream of speaking English fluently, but before I had joined STAR I was not confident about it. Just after completing half of the course of STAR, I felt I have not only improved my grammar in English but also my way of communicating with others. This institute has not only helped me in increasing my confidence level but has also helped me understanding people around me. I am thankful to Piyush Sir & Faculty, who are helping me in developing my personality as well as fluency in English. STAR is the best institute for polishing your grammar and developing your personality. I am privileged to be a part of STAR.