Mr. Sanjiv Thakor Naik (Self Development)

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: District Chairman
Name of Organization: Lions Club International

“To help humankind is to help god”
Following this proverb the founder of Lions Club International , Mr Melvin Jones , a man who helped people all around the world through this organization. It was founded in 1917 and so this organization is going to complete its glorious 100 years in 2017. This organization is a very famous and the most recognized N.G.O in the world. To be a part of this N.G.O for the past eighteen years has been a very proud feeling for me. To run the organization, to serve the people , I needed good leadership qualities and a good personality as well. To show people a good attitude, to lead others, to guide them to the right path are all the main activities to be followed by me And so to improve myself I met Piyush sir and mam for this purpose. Immediately I started taking training from Star Personality Development. The environment there was so positive and supportive towards me. I learnt all the necessary qualities I had to learn. I achieved being a better personality, this I am not saying but my friends and family have said as well. Thank you Star personality Development!!