Preksha Bothra 1

Miss. Preksha Surjit Bothra ( Self Development )

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 10th Standard
School/College Name: Seventh Day Adventist School

Problems are like washing machines. They twist; they spin and knock us around. But in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before. So friends never ever give up, face it bravely so that we can live a happy life after.
Hello! This is preksha bothra, student of seventh day Adventist school. Months ago, before I joined star personality development, I was not able to communicate with others, I was not able to set a goal in my life on which I can work and also was having “stage fear” a very common word used by my generation. And in my school when there used to be speaking skills period I was always seen absent. By this my mother was staying upset and suddenly one bright day my mother suggested one idea from which I can overcome my darkness i.e. Star personality development. And it’s a possible change in me. For this I really thank Mr. Piyush Vyaas from the bottom of my heart.