Mr. Nimesh Mahendrabhai Dhimmar (Speaking English)

Current Status: Employee
Name of Organization: GOVT. OF GUJARAT.

Before joining Star Personality Development, I was facing many problems in speaking English. Normally in our meetings or seminars whole conversation is in English. I can perfectly understand the conversation but was not able to speak in fluent English. Sometimes; I wanted to ask some questions or I wanted to give my opinion, but due to lack of fluent English I was not able to share my ideas and opinions in the meeting. Though, I have good knowledge in my field, I was not able to show my abilities to others only because of language barrier and because of this many times I also felt inferior to other.
Then I joined Star Personality Development to enhance my English speaking skills. Teaching process of this class is very nice. Also madam always motivates us to speak in English. Sometimes if we make any mistakes in English speaking, madam corrects us very nicely.
Due to my efforts and a very good teaching process at Star, today I am able to speak English fluently. My confidence level has increased a lot. Now in any meeting, I can easily share my opinion and ideas in English.
I am thankful to the team of Star to create this platform and guide us in a right direction.