Nazir Mogal

Mr. Nazir Salimbhai Mogal (Self Development & Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: Computer Engineering
School/College Name: C.K.Pithawala College

When I came in college there came many situations when I had to give presentation but always used to fail in it because of my stage fear .Than I decided that I need to overcome my stage fear and then I joined Star Personality Development. I enrolled for Personality Development and English course. Today within a short span of time I have vanished my stage fear completely. I also have become a fluent English speaker. My favorite topics are Effective Public Speaking and Magical Attitudes which has bought total change in me. Now I can speak in front of public. Learning different types of vocabulary has also been very helpful for me in English course. I thank to Mr. and Mrs. Vyaas for guiding me.