Kush Nandwani

Mr. Kush Lalit Nandwani (Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 7th Standard
School/College Name: Fountainhead School

My name is Kush Nandwani. I study in grade 6 in fountainhead school. In my school my friends used to speak in front of people, when my chance came to speak in English I got very nervous and I couldn’t speak in fluent way. Once I was reading news paper and I got my eyes on Star Personality Development. And I went there for inquiry as well joined as per my requirement.
When I attained regular batches of star my confidence boosted also my English language started polishing. I am feeling on top of the mountain after joining star. I want to thank Piyush sir and Pooja madam as well my faculty who helped me to glaze my personality.