Mr. Kapil Jayeshbhai Desai (Self Development)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.E. Chemical
School/College Name: BITS Pilani Goa

Before joining Star Personality Development, I was very dull and introvert kind of boy. I never used to mix up in a group of new people easily. Joining Star Personality Development was a crucial step in my life for my Self Development. This institute gave my life a direction and a path to walk on, in my future. The trainers Mr. Piyush Vyaas and Mrs. Pooja Vyaas are very motivating. I have learnt various topics like Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Barriers. Among which Public Speaking drastically changed my life. Now, I am very confident to deliver my speech in front of audience. I have learned and developed lots of things in my life through Personality Development.