johney jain

Mr. Johney Madan Jain Self Development (Mind+Speech)

Current Status: Student
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School/College Name: S.D. Jain International College

Before joining Star ,I was a very Shy boy who couldn’t communicate with people easily .My biggest drawback was my stage fear because of which in my school life ,I was not able to speak on stage .But after joining Star , I learnt lots of Remedies to overcome my Fear and also came to know other barriers for which I got solutions .And today I can speak in front of any amount of public .With this I learnt a very important thing , which is how to set our life goal and how to achieve it. This helped me to set Goal and it gave a meaning to my life .At last I would like to thank to Mr. and Mrs. Vyaas who gave me such a platform to remove my fear and prove myself. Also special thanks to team of Star.