jignesh upadhyay

Mr. Jignesh Chandravadan Upadhyay (Speaking English )

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: Catering
Name of Organization: Dev Catering

My name is Jignesh Upadhyay .I own a catering business .In today’s world, English is the biggest necessity for business, job, trade like every businessman. I also thought to expand my business but the only thing where I was lacking behind was my weak English Speaking Skill.

I shared my problem with one of my relative and he suggested me to join Star Personality Development .When I joined Star for the first time in my life .I saw such unique method of learning English with the cyclic method .I also learned lots of new vocabulary words here. These things helped me to become a good English speaker .I thank Mr. and Mrs. Vyaas for giving me this opportunity and also to the faculty for their guidance.