Dwijen Patel

Mr. Dwijen Subhash Patel (Self Development)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 12th Standard
School/College Name: C.C Shah English Academy

Anger, the biggest fallback in a Person. Nervousness, the biggest fallback in life. And I am the one to have both these fallbacks in my life. Also I used to criticize people a lot which harmed my relations with others. Whenever I was nervous I used to stammer. I thought many times to solve my Problem. One day I came to know about Star and I decided to enroll in it. After enrolling I have seen so many changes in me. I have learnt so many remedies to overcome my problem and now I have control on my anger and my nervousness has vanished. This all is possible due to Pooja madam and Piyush sir. Thank you Madam and Sir for changing my life .