Bhavik Jariwala

Mr. Bhavik Pankaj Jariwala (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 10th Standard
School/College Name: P.R. Khatiwala Vidhya Sankul

Before joining Star I wasn’t confident and I was unable to communicate in English. I was also suffering from Stage Fear. I was an introvert and couldn’t communicate with strangers easily. But my biggest barrier was Anger. Hence I joined Star and after joining Star, I gained confidence. I can now communicate with others in English and also now I am no more an introvert. I can communicate with strangers easily and can easily make friends. It is all just because of the help given by Pooja Madam and Piyush Sir. Thank you Sir and Madam. And I also thank my faculty to give me correct knowledge of Grammar which improved my English a lot. THANK YOU Star. I will never forget these days.