Mr. Aditya Raju Dodhiya (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 1 st year
Name of Organization: London South Bank University

Hi! I’m Aditya Dodhiya. Now at the moment I’m going for my further studies to London at London South Bank University. My hobby is to play football and I’m a national level player in it. Since childhood it’s been my dream to become a great football player, earn a lot of money and help people with that money. To achieve this dream of mine I had to improve my personality. My sister also told me that I need help to improve my personality. I started searching on the internet for institutes or classes for personality development. Then I got the details on star Personality development and immediately thought of joining it. So in January I joined Star Personality Development. I was given a lot of support and guidance from mentor .I learnt how to speak fluently in English, public speaking and much more.
I thank Piyush sir for increasing my knowledge and supporting me at all times. I will miss star personality development a lot. Its time to say goodbye and I don’t feel like leaving but I have to. In the end I would like to say thank you to star personality development and that it is the BEST!!!