Meha Choksi

Miss Meha Hinesh Choksi (Self Development)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.Com
School/College Name: VNSGU

Star really makes you think about how you have been living your life till now. It offers you a perspective. It mainly focuses on transforming the person within you and does it quite successfully. It provides you with a vision of how your future should be.
It has made me and people like me more confident and feel good about them. We have newer, better version of ourselves. The part I like more is star offers us various courses which step by step, identifies our problems and gives us remedies which unintentionally also inculcates values in us.
Sir has been an inspiration on how he choose to pursue a career which transforms people into better versions of themselves. Madam is very cheerful and guides us remarkable. It has been glazing experience joining star, knowing more people and getting the much needed change for lifetime.