mansi krishnani

Miss Manshi Jitendrabhai Krishanani (Self Development & Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 9th Standard

Before joining star I was always confused about how to use grammar properly. But now these topics are cleared to me like butter on bread. At Star, all the topics were explained clearly & perfectly .They took care that each student gets through it easily. I have learnt many new things and cleared all the grammatical aspects here. I wish they follow same way of teaching. Special thanks to star personality and team for all the changes in my English speaking skills.

I joined Star Personality Development to change my overall personality. I had stage fear and I couldn’t face audience. I couldn’t perform well in school activities and functions. I wasn’t sure of my aim in life. I wasn’t aware how to overcome barriers and control them. Now, I have got a new light in my life and now I can face anything. My goal is crystal clear and has lots of great ideas to focus and achieve them. Both Piyush sir and Pooja ma’am are very friendly, cool and calm by nature. They solve everyone’s problem personally which brings us more close to them.