Miss. Kanan Harish Bhanawat (Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 7th Standard
School/College Name: Shardayatan School

Myself Kanan Bhanawat. I am studying in Shardayatan School. I came to know about Star Personality through my sister who was student of STAR.So my father and my sister advice me to join Star Personality.
English is very necessary in my life because I have to give presentations and speech in my school so if I don’t know English I cannot give speech and presentations, and I have obviously improved my English very much because earlier I was not able to speak in English very fluently but now I can speak in a fluent English. I like cyclic method the most.
I really want to thank Piyush Sir and Pooja Ma’am as because of them my English is improved. So thank you so much Star.
Thank you.