Miss Gazal Nawal Rathi ( Self Development )

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 9TH Standard
School/College Name: Lourdes Convent High School

Hello friends myself Ghazal. Well, it was a very good experience to be a part of Star Personality Development, it has changed my way of looking at other people and handling all situations, before this I used to be very shy in front of people and also felt shy to speak in public, this has helped me to overcome all of my negatives barriers like anger, laziness etc, now if you ask me to give a speech in public, I am ready on the spot. Overcoming all my barriers I have totally groomed my personality, my attitude to each and everything has changed. I came up from here as a very bright and bubbly girl, there are many more things to say about the course, the way of teaching, the creativity, and the enthusiasm in the entire faculty is amazing.
Thank you Mr. Vyaas for giving us such amazing tips to light up our self.