Deepa Mohta

Miss Deepa Manoharlal Mohta Speaking English

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.A
School/College Name: Girls College, Jaisalmer

Myself Deepa Mohta. I am from Jaisalmer. I have completed my B.A from Girls College Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. So, I am very weak in English. If someone asks me questions I am unable to answer them. Though I understand what the meaning is, I can understand English but was not able to reply.
When I came to Surat, I decided to join English speaking classes. My sister has given me suggestion to join Star Personality Development. I came here for inquiry and I felt, this meets my need and I can very well acknowledge myself here. The facilities provided here are excellent. They are providing friendly environment. The teacher are very good as well as teaching method, material are very helpful. I am thankful to Pooja madam and Piyush sir for providing such facilities.