Leadership Enhance Your Personality

One useful way to better understand yourself as a leader is to understand your personality, Understanding personality has become essential for leaders of the complex, knowledge-based companies operating in the global marketplace. This imperative has been made even more challenging by the need for managers to recognize that many of the personalities they must understand were formed in different cultures with different attitudes to authority. Otherwise, managers will risk losing the trust of the people they lead.

Understanding these dimensions and your own tendencies in these areas can be extremely beneficial to you as a leader. This understanding can help you build on your strengths, moderate your weaknesses and work more effectively with both your team and your peers.

  1. Emotional stability  
    Emotional stability is important for leaders as it help6-jan-2017-leadership-enhance-your-personality-sirs them to deal effectively with pressure, hurdles and complexity. However, leaders can have too much of a good thing. Leaders that are a picture of perfect resilience and calm, may seriously underestimate risk, be unconcerned about other’s emotions and so be seen as uninspiring and uncharismatic.

    2. Extroversion
    The second major personality dimension is extroversion. This is another important characteristic of successful leaders as it enables them to be engaging, outgoing, and assertive.
    However, when overdone, it can lead to dominance and aggression. Leaders like this can easily alienate team members and cause a high staff turnover. By contrast, leaders who are very introverted can be seen as socially isolated and insensitive.

    3. Openness to experience
    The third personality dimension is openness to experience and this means the tendency to be imaginative, artistic, willing to try out new things and intellectually curious. Successful leaders tend to be either too low or too high in this dimension. 

    4. Agreeableness
    Agreeableness is the degree of importance people place on getting along with others. Those high in agreeableness are accepting, trusting, and frank, modest and sympathetic. Those low in it are suspicious, cautious, competitive and hard headed.

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