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Today we will discuss something about a very common problem suffered by many. And that is being Lazy. Being lazy is when, even the thought of making any efforts, makes you think of prospective excuses for why it isn’t a good idea to do something. 21. LazinessAlso, there is high probability of these excuses being ridiculous.

Laziness, the personal disinclination to perform some activity or exert some effort despite clearly having the ability to take action, does exist.

However, one should not confuse laziness with depression (lack of desire or inability to take action), idleness (doing nothing at all) or procrastination (putting off tasks until a future time).

There are some people who just exist in a world where they are not required by necessity or urgency to take specific actions, so they essentially kick back and do whatever they want. It is all about the mind willfully avoiding physical actions so that it can ground the body to compulsory rest in some comfort and spend the time in discharged mode/ mood.

Laziness is not being as productive and motivated to work as hard as you are expected to. Of course expectations are subjective to the view of the ‘accuser’ and can be a derogatory term used to express the indifference and lack of ‘passion’ in an individual. It is a value judgment. It’s someone saying ‘you aren’t doing enough’ (that person may be yourself). Because it’s a value-judgment, when you say someone is lazy you are saying their behavior and choices are bad.

Critically, there isn’t a hard and fast rule about what is good/bad behavior, it’s based on values and beliefs about what someone ‘should’ be doing which varies from person to person. It can be a rather nasty thing to say to someone, because everyone has different inclinations and abilities – someone who really dislikes physical activity.

I would suggest 4 to 5 underlying issues for laziness:

  1. Too few emotionally engaging goals- (i.e. that are personally relevant and meaningful.)  Not focusing on the emotional state of success or the fundamental reasons one is pursuing ones goals.  Desire, determination, and passion are the keys.
  2. Lack of deadlines- This can also be a lack of mile-stoning or lack of planning.  This can be an absolute killer.
  3. Lack of Accountability- Lack of a buddy or mentor to keep you going.
  4. Lack of “flow” or lack of focus-Perhaps also, not knowing how to get themselves in a state of flow in relation to their goals.  This helps trigger intrinsic motivation.
  5. Fear of Failure- Perfectionism and too much hero worship can have similar effects.

It’s never too late to be who you want to be. Wake up from your life, and challenge yourself. Quit that job you hate working at, put in all you can towards that next milestone and do something that’s special to you and only for you.

Most importantly, fight for yourself.

Piyush Vyaas
( International Trainer, Motivator & Coach
Edexcel Level – 4 Btec Professional Award ( UK)
ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence (UK) )


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