Mr. Kaushik HarshadRai Mahatma (Self Development)

Current Status: Businessman
Status Detail: Textile & Healer
Name of Organization: Zazen Fab.

I had a fear of speaking in public, which I wanted to overcome, so I joined Star. After learning Public Speaking, I saw lots of changes in myself i.e now I can give speech without any fear in front of public. I am a meditation teacher, counselor & a healer by profession. So my field needed lots of connections & contacts for which my communication had to be strong. I needed to conduct workshops to aware people about my field of profession. After attending the course of personality development at STAR, I have started communication with people around me and I have also started making contacts, which is must for my field. I want to thank Piyush sir & Pooja ma’am and wish them lots of happiness and joy for future..