Mr. Jeet Pankaj Gandhi (Self Development)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: Intern
School/College Name: Prashant Financial Solutions

STAR has helped me in changing my life drastically, not just professionally but personally too. Today I can say that, I am really very focused towards the goal of my life, for which I wasn’t very clear before I attended the Goal Setting session over here. I have also overcome from my nervousness problem of speaking in public. A ‘STAR’ is not just a celebrity, but a person with ‘X Factor’, to which the public look for and wishes to have the same. Sometimes, such persons with ‘X Factor’, aren’t able to show up due to various barriers. In such situations, person always require trainers like Mr. Piyush Vyaas & Mrs. Pooja Vyaas for the guidance. I am very thankful to both of them for bringing out my ‘X Factor’ from within me.