Mr. Het Vipulbhai Shah (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: 9th Standard
School/College Name: P.P.Savani Cambridge Iinternational School

Before, I used to make many grammatical errors while speaking in English. I had very few words in my word bank. After joining Star Personality Development I found an amazing change in myself. I have become a fluent English speaker and have lots of words to express my thoughts. Here, at Star Personality Development you get a practical and amazing learning experience. Thanks STAR for making me a fluent English speaker.

Due to Star Personality Development I am able to speak in front of many people. I have become a good presenter and public speaker. Because of star I am able to remove many barriers from my life. And all this learning became profound only because of lots and lots of amazing examples given by Mr. Piyush Vyaas

I would say if YOU want to do something in life or achieve something “GO AND JOIN STAR”.