Faith in Relationship

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“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.”

How necessary it is for our happiness now, and to come, that we possess faith. The dog has faith in its master, the child in its parent, then why have we not more childlike faith in God? Let us try a28. Faith in Relationshipnd bear in mind the implicit faith of Abraham, and strive more to imitate the patriarch of old. We are too apt to put faith in man, and how often we have to bitterly regret it when too late; and man only turns to God when he has tried
every other source and found it fail. Why not, from the beginning, trust in God, and God alone; for he who puts his trust in man, God helps him. May God give us strength, then, to nourish in all its perfection and simplicity, the faith of the patriarchs who feared and trusted God alone.

Faith is not a passive state of being. It doesn’t just “happen”. Quite the contrary, an attitude of faith is both active and creative. I believe there are three important aspects to “keeping the faith” in your quest for true love:

1) Believe you can have it.

2) Persist in your intention.

3) Take action toward your goal.

When there is a deficit in restoration of relationship fundamentals, the relationship begins to degrade, faith is scant, efforts fall by the wayside and the energy of the relationship becomes stale. This is “Relationship Bankruptcy”.

Here are some tips on how to keep faith in any relation:

  • Redefine Expectations:  There is a difference in trust levels when you first enter a relationship and after it has had time to set down roots.   As you come to a deeper place of comfort, your expectations will loosen.  Are your expectations realistic?  As you reevaluate your expectations, you may find that you have put more importance on what you are getting out of the relationship than what you have given. Shift your focus.
  • Forgive: Let go of the mistakes made and open your heart to forgiveness.   If you keep a record of the things, someone has done wrong; there will never be a moment to make it right.  Let go and enjoy the process of rediscovering your partner after the lesson learned.
  • Encourage: Encourage your relations through the mistakes made and let them know that they are still loved. Connect to compassion as you search for the right emotional connective dialogue that will restore their belief in themselves.
  • Employ Honesty: Be honest about what hurts you and communicate it clearly and lovingly towards your relation. If you let it fester, it will breed anger and resentment.  If you work honestly towards healing the hurt, you are naturally establishing a faithful
  • Remain Loyal: Share deep personal revelations. Keep confidences and disclosures.  As you come to understand one another through secrets and struggles, you are able to see the full scope of your relation.  Learn something new and keep the bond of intimacy exclusive. Taking information to friends and family is a form of relationship infidelity.
  • Just Be There: Don’t abandon during time of weakness.  Be there.  Be in the thick of it, accept the situation and stand in the strength of full presence.

While there is no way to avoid disappointments in your relationship, the practice of developing a heart of understanding is the first step in restoring a relationship’s spirit of faith.

Pooja Vyaas
( International Trainer, Motivator & Coach
Edexcel Level – 4 Btec Professional Award ( UK)
ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence (UK) )

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