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Your body communicates as well as your mouth. Don’t contradict yourself. ­—Allen Ruddock

If you want to become successful, then it is imperative that you hone in on your bodily-language. I’d go as far to say that it’s just as important — even more important at times — than vocal language because it subconsciously conveys how you really feel, even when your words might not. Since the emergence of this fact, people have been polishing their own body language as well as their ability to detect them in others.

We thought that since everyone with their eye on success — whether in business, relationships and so on — is capitalizing on this new wave of non-verbal’s, we should compose a list of body language secrets every successful person knows, and give them to you. Apply these in day to day life and you’ll be rocketing to success without having to say a word.

  1. Do: Smile When Appropriate.

Some call this basic, some call it fundamental. We all know that smiling is a great tool in gaining instant trust and acceptance from others; however the key knows when it is appropriate. When meeting someone new or giving feedback to a boss, yes. When discussing why you failed to hit your quota for the month, or why facebook-with-insta-dec-2016your relationship isn’t working, no. Smiling when inappropriate conveys insecurity and a lack of confidence. Know when to smile, a fundamental key.

  1. Do: Utilize the Facial Triangle.

People sure love to be listened; it shows respect, interest and trust. Now whilst solid eye-contact can be great, it can be overly-intense. Using what’s called the facial triangle not only helps to lower the intensity of a gaze, but by rotating between the two eyes and the mouth, you show that you are reading their lips, a sign of intimate attention. What’s great about this is that it applies to every direct communication scenario you can think of.

  1. Do: Steeple Your Hands.

If you want to come across as interesting, intelligent and confident, then you should adopt this trademark gesture. Also known as the “Merkel-Rate”, this is a favorite amongst politicians as it shows that they can (according to them) be trusted with important duties. This works better in more formal environments, use it when talking to your superiors and watch your credibility go skywards.

Tip: Don’t lower your steeple mid-conversation as this shows a sudden loss in confide

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