Famous People

Mr. Mahesh Prajapati

Mr. Mahesh Prajapati (Entrepreneur – Sargam Builders)

It is a million dollar thing when someone says “A person with a personality ” and they build the biggest asset in people. Everyone has right to transform his Inner & Outer Personality in order to get SUCCESSFUL Life. I…

smit thakkar-1

Mr. Smit Thakkar (Interior Decorator)

Star gives real life style in my life. It is about inner and outer personality. Inner personality like all types of attitude, goal setting and many more tips. When I was student of Star, I practiced about goal setting about…


Mrs. Rupal Shah (Director at Nari Saurakshan Gruh,Gujarat Mahila Arthik Vikas Nigam Ltd.)

“You” is very important word for the outer world. You denote your overall internal thinking pattern and external behavior pattern. Your personality is your mirror of thinking pattern, confidence, mental strengths and attitudes towards others. It’s very essential to develop…


धर्मेश भलाला (करञ्जजोन प्रभारी भाजपा युवा मोर्चा, बीएसएनएल सूरतटेलीफोन सलाहकार समिति के सदस्य)

“स्टार पर्सनालिटी में मेने जॉइंट किया वह मेरी लाइफ एवं मेरे करियर का टर्निंग पॉइंट है, मेरे आत्मविश्वास में काफी बढ़ावा हुआ हे और अब में अच्छा पब्लिक स्पीकर बन गया हु जो नाम ने मुझे मार्केट में नयी पहचान…


Advocate Arun Lahoti (Twice Limca Book Of Record Holder)

Every human being in this world is a star in himself but it’s just they don’t know their qualities…Mr. and Mrs. Vyaas are such persons who have a magical stick in their hand and let a person of any age…


NiravBhai Shah (Chairman-Standing Committee-(SMC))

પહેલી જ નજર માં સામેવાળા ને આંજીદેવાની કળા, તમારા વક્તવ્ય થી સાંભળનાર ને મંત્ર મુગ્ધ કરવાની કળા તથા જીવન ની કોઈપણ પરિસ્થિતિ માં મજબુત મનોબળ રાખી જીવન માં ઉચ્ચ શિખરો સર કરતા રહેવાની કળા. આજ તો છે સાચું ” Personality…


PraffulBhai Panseriya (M.L.A – B.J.P)

તમારી Personality એ જ તમારી ખરી મિલકત છે. માત્ર સારા કપડા અને મોંઘો ફોન તથા ગાડી એ તમારી Personality નો એકમાત્ર અંગ છે. મજબુત માનસ , અસરકારક વક્તુત્વ કળા, સમય નું આયોજન , સફળતા ના અભિગમો સાથે નું તમારું માનસ…


Pandit Shree Devvrat Kaashyap (Pandit)

They train your mind to behave in such a nice way, that your attitude towards success gets accelerated automatically. Star Personality is Mental Gym to strengthen your thoughts and convert into action leading towards success in all aspects of your…


Mrs. Hemaliben Boghawala (Director-GSRTC, Director-MahilaSurakshaSamiti(Gujarat))

Most people underestimate the importance of having a pleasing personality. Majority think it just means being born good-looking, that there isn’t anything much to do about it. But this is far from the truth. While good grooming and looks is…


Shri Ganpat Bansali (Principal – Mahavir International School)

इस लक्ष्मी पुत्रो की नगरी में श्री पियूष व्यास व् पूजा व्यास ऐसी जुगल जोड़ी है जो अपने हुनर व् कौशल से असा अद्वितीय व् अनुपम कार्य कर रहे है जिसके बल पर सूरत की पहचान अब लक्ष्मी पुत्रो की…


Dr. Mukul Choksi (Psychologist & Sexologist )

‘ઈંગ્લીશ’ ને ‘પર્સનાલીટી’ ની તેજ રફતાર છે હંમેશ કંઈક નવું કરવા માટે તૈયાર છે પૂજા અને પીયુષ જેઓ પોતે ‘સ્ટાર’ છે મારા તરફ થી તેમને શુભેચ્છા હજાર છે


Shri Himadri Sinha (Corporate Coach & International Trainer , Co-Founder & Director)

Star Personality , well that’s a name synonymous with success. A name that can make a grand structure out of nothingness. Led by two amazingly talented, good looking and friendly mentors (Piyush & Pooja), this is the GO-TO place if…


Advocate Preeti Joshi (LLB, LLM- Gujarat High Court)

Mrs & Mr. Vyaas have done an excellent job at a very young age by Setting up an academy for Personality development in the present competitive Society . I hope that the residents of Surat and nearly areas will find…


Shri Himanshu Thakkar (Beyond Ok The Mental Gym & Spiritual Healer)

They are like “Yin-Y ang” Balance of feminine & masculine energy They dont train you But Help you to grow multi dimensionally to create balance in life They dont motivate you for temporary benefits But Supports you to transform your…


Dr. Shivendra Gupta (Independent Education Management Professional)

In this field of personality development and improve proficiency in English language, the efforts of Mr. Piyush and Mrs. Pooja (Star Personality Development) are quite significant. I wish them unqualified success in their chosen field.


Shri Rupin Pacchigar (Past Chairman - Sarvajanik Education Society )

Personality Development is a buzz word in 21st having knowledge, skill and experience. 21st Century is a century of knowledge, information technology and effective communication. But above them all this is a Century of cut throat competition. And therefore, personality…


Dr. Dhiren Patel (Consultant Physician & President of Indian Medical Association )

Piyush bhai & Pooja ben are two powerful couple in surat and well known to develop personality of people, I am very much impressed by their work and i wish them to do more and more for the people of surat,they…


Dr. Paresh Patel (M.S Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon)

Having been knowing piyushbhai pooja madam and star personality for many years i feel happy to tell about them that they are doing most  important job to grow people and come upfront in open market. They build the biggest asset…


Smt. Geeta Shroff (Social Worker , Anis NGO)

Pooja & Piyush are very nice couple. They are using their professional skills to work for society . I believe that if they stick on what they are doing they will reach heights. All the best for your future endeavours.