Miss Bhavina Jagdishbhai Andani (Self Development and Speaking English)

Current Status: Student
Status Detail: B.E. Electrical
School/College Name: Bhagvan Mahavir Engineering College

I was very lazy and I used to procrastinate my work. I didn’t have self confidence to speak in public. I was very short tempered and I used to cry on small and silly things. I was just spending my life in frustration and stress.

After joining Star Personality Development and its course of Personality Development and Speaking English, I have learnt how to come out of barriers like laziness and anger which helped me a lot in maintaining my contacts with others. Now I do all my work on time, remain active and have become very calm and composed. My self-confidence has boosted to the level that now I can talk with people around me very confidently. I don’t hesitate at all while communicating with others. I can also converse with people fluently in English with variety of vocabulary which impresses people around me.

STAR has really changed my life completely. The credit goes to my Trainers and Faculty and all the other STAR members for the positive changes in me.