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But What If it goes wrong?????Art-of-Saying-NO

We all need help at some or the other time …And if somebody helps us then we feel obliged … Similarly anyone can ask us also for help and we also give our help to the needy… But what if there comes a situation where you cannot help a person even if you want to? What if you feel helpless at that time? You want to say no but your co-operative nature doesn’t permit you to say no … Have you ever thought how to say NO to anybody? NO, in this case let me help you…

Hello, my dear blog readers today I am going to share my thoughts and experiences on how to say NO to anybody… Let us have a look on this in more depth … let me share with you my self-experienced story:

Once when I was travelling in a tram of Kolkata… Among all the hustle and bustle of Kolkata I came across a mid age lady and her son… The boy was being a cacophony in tram and everybody was getting frustrated by him… He was telling his mom that he want to get a nice haircut from a very expensive hair salon of the city… But his mom refused, but the boy was very rigid and was doing all possible dramas to convince his mother. His mother was very disappointed due to his weird behavior. She started thinking of new idea of saying NO.

Suddenly, his mother got an idea… She showed him a photo and told him that in those kind of expensive salons, such weird kind of haircut is done and the moment the boy saw the photo he did not utter a word after that .. To my curiosity, I asked the lady to show me the picture; it was the picture of famous singer Michael Jackson… I couldn’t resist but laughed at her idea … How nicely she conveyed her NO.

Friends how we can delay or say no to anybody is in our hands… Do not forget every single time you are saying yes to something you have less wish to do , that every single time you’re actually saying no to yourself ..

Let me give you some tips to learn the ART OF SAYING NO:


Always value your time…Also value your own priorities…Do not think too much about giving a reason to anybody whom you are saying no…If you feel you are right just don’t give too much explanations…If you think you cannot help a person due to lack of time or because of too many commitments then just be honest and explain them in a kind and brief way .. As honest people are always respected and understood by others.


There is nothing to feel guilty and apologize… Because according to you, you have done nothing wrong… At least you are being straightforward and honest…Apology makes it fake…And if you continue to apologize you will make it look it as your fault… And that’s definitely not the truth…Don’t try to manipulate your own situation.


When you are saying no to somebody just be stiff on it… No matter how hard you try you cannot please everybody… Give priority to your opinion…Just let them know you wish you could help them, but at the moment you just can’t… Little harshness can save you from so many unwanted future troubles.


If you are saying no to somebody you can offer them other choices, you can let them know if somebody else can help them… Or you can tell them that you can help them later. You can also show them guidance to deal with the situation if possible…Show them your care and affection but you have other pending commitments so you just can’t help them now … Sometime replacing personal meeting with a phone call can be smart idea.



So you need to practice often to say no … You can look in mirror and practice or with any of your trustworthy person through a drama or a role play … This is the best way to learn this ART and as time passes by you may get comfortable with this ..

These were some tips on the ART OF SAYING NO. So the next time, if you have to say no to somebody you can use any of these tips…

Pooja Vyaas
( International Trainer, Motivator & Coach
Edexcel Level – 4 Btec Professional Award ( UK)
ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence (UK) )

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